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Regional Training Course


 Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage at Risk 2018


ERCH 2018
04 – 15 July 2018, Gjirokastra – Albania


The Regional Centre for Conservation and Restoration of South East Europe, Institute of Cultural Monuments “Gani Strazimiri” is organizing the Regional Training Course on Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage at Risk, in Gjirokastra, Albania from 4 to 15 July 2018, in cooperation with the World Heritage Centre UNESCO. The Course shall be realized thanks to the financial support from the World Heritage Fund and the Ministry of Culture of Albania in the framework of approved International Assistance request No.2890.


Cultural heritage sites including World Heritage sites in South East Europe (SEE), region are faced to disasters caused by natural and human induced hazards. Recent examples in Albania include unstability of the rocky terrain over which the Castle of Gjirokastra is located due to geological formations of terrain and sismic activity, high vulnerability of the historic houses due to the potential risk of fire as well as structural damages of various stages up to total destruction of single houses in the Historic Centre of Gjirokastra due to abandonment and lack of maintenance.

These disasters impact not only the cultural heritage values such as single monuments, archaeological sites and historic urban centres, but also negatively affect the historic urban landscape and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value. Sometimes heritage professionals and civil emergency teams are required to take immediate actions in case of emergency situations due to risk, damage or potential damage to historic structures or buildings. This calls for the need to develop skills and knowledge for rapid assessment of damage and potential risk as well as undertaking measures and emergency response actions for strengthening structures before, during, and after a disaster situation. Limited availability of human and financial resources also calls for closer coordination and integrated approach between professionals and institutions dealing with cultural heritage values and the relevant institutions for civil emergency response.

Considering these issues and challenges, this Regional Training Course will focus on Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage at Risk, having as case study the Historic . Centre of Gjirokastra. The Course shall include theoretical sessions and practical exercises / workshop on the identification and assessment of the risks to which the historic buildings are exposed and to the development of knowledge on first aid / emergency response to various types of damages.

The training course shall be implemented in the Historic Centre of Gjirokastra (“Historic Centres of Gjirokastra and Berat” – Serial World Heritage Property).


The course’s interdisciplinary training will enable participants to:

  • Understand the specificities of local and regional traditional building materials and techniques and analyze their vulnerabilities to disasters caused by natural or human induced factors
  • Manage complex situations and understand the importance of interdisciplinary approach in the framework of emergency response to disaster risk
  • Undertake an assessment of structural damages including the socio-economic aspects and identify structural strengthening methods in emergency situations
  • Strengthen knowledge in developing first aid response with little means in order to secure and strengthen structures of buildings at risk.
  • Understand the importance having an integrated system for disaster risk management of cultural heritage, including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures;

We are looking for 16 participants to take part in the Regional Training Course on Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage at Risk. The course is open to SEE Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia, Serbia)


The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, 17 May 2018.

Application process
1. Please download the Application Form and send it by email to
Please note that only complete applications sent within the deadline, will be taken into
2. A final selection of participants will be communicated in 21 May 2018 at the latest.
For further information or assistance in case of technical difficulties in filling the form please
contact the Regional Centre for Conservation and Restoration of South East Europe at


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