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Ethem Beu Mosque is a cultural monument of first category , approved by Law no. 609, dated 24.05.1948. Ethem Beu Mosque is in the center of Tirana. At the time it was built the mosque, was part of complex buildings that compose the historical center of Tirana. In front of mosque was Bazaar, in its east was Sulejman Pasha Mosque (1614), in the north west Karapici mosque.

Ethem Beu Mosque today, constitutes a architectural complex together with the Clock Tower of Tirana. The inscription that is on the northern gate of the porch, shows that mosque has started to be built in 1794 by Molla Beu of Petrele, great-grandson of the founder of Tirana and was finished in 1821 by his son Ethem Beu.

Ethem Beu Mosque is composed by prayer hall, portico that surrounds it from east and north, and the minaret. Prayer hall is squared plan and is constructed in an unique volume covered with dome. The entrance to the prayer hall is on the north side. The dome is semi-spherical and has no windows. Hall of Ethem Bey mosque in functional terms served to creating an environment with a second mihrab, in which can pray people that come later or can not found a place in the hall of prayer. The porch has in plan form of the letter “L” while the south side is closed with wall, the other sides are open with three arcades with columns, which in contact with walls are half columns. The porch is covered by a wooden roof and ceiling construction with flat planking. Minaret is located to the right of the prayer hall and is related in two levels, in the floor of the hall and that of mafilit. The lower part of minaret is with rectangle section. The staircases inside the minaret are helical stones, and is lightened by small windows as turret.